Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello readers. I keep forgetting how hard blogs are to keep up with. Especially when facebook occupies most of your computer time. Especially times two when you only get 30 minutes of computer time on the weekdays because your grades suck. Actually right now I'm in the class where my grade is the worst. Yeah science really isn't my thing. Right now we're supposed to be typing up our lab write ups but I already finished mine. It just had to be printed. There is soooooo much going on in the coming weeks! In fact this weekend I'm going with the girls in my youth group on a camping trip to Baker Lake for Estrofest. It's going to be awesome! I love camping but evidently some of the girls really aren't campers but they're going to hang out with the res tof us that are so I was thinking of buying some of those plastic bugs to stick in sleeping bags. Mwahahahaha! This shall be fun. Also, coming up in a week from today is the Everett Youth Symphony concert. I'm excited but also sad because this concert marks the end of symphony season. We won't be having anymore rehearsals until after the summer when I have to come back and audition again with everybody else. Maybe when I reaudition I'll get put in the Junior Symphony. That would be nice. There's also a school concert coming up on the 27th of May. We're playing with Discovery Elementary and Voyager middle so we have to play this really easy fiddle tune that I've had memorized since 7th grade. It was easy then too. What I really can't wait for is coming up on the 31st of this month. Relient K will be here!!!! I've had my tickets since the day they went on sale so 2 monthes or something. I talked to my friend Lisa from church about this and she said she might be going so it'll be amazing! And next month is Shasta where our youth group goes up to lake Shasta in northern Cali and stays on house boats and it's a huge competition. I'm so psyched!! Wow my Spanish teacher just walked into the lab. That was so random. Well besides that there isn't a whole lot going on. Oh but I did cut off my long locks. Now my hair is just a bit above the shoulders. It's awesome looking. Well this weekend it seems I'll be goign to Catherine's house so we can bring out the violins. If I do end up going to my dad's this weekend (I'm not sure because my dad will be in Canada this weekend) then I'll pack my overnight bag on Thursday with almost everything I need for Estrofest (some of the stuff is at my dad's) and then ride with Catherine to her house and eat dinner there. Sabrina can take my bag when my stepmom comes to pick her up and Catherine's dad will probably drop me off back at Dad's. I only wish that my cousin's family birthday party wasn't scheduled for the same day as Estrofest. See we get there Saturday (we leave at 9AM) and we don't get back till 4PM on Sunday but Dylan's party is at 1PM on Sunday but I already RSVPed to the invited on facebook so I can't be like "Oh by the way I'm not going" well I could but not gracefully. Well I probably need to wrap this superlong entry up that way the bell doesn't ring on me while I'm still typing. I'll try to be better at keeping up with this but no promises. I'll write for sure after Estrofest.


  1. She liiiives!

    P.S. maybe you'd get a better grade in science if you weren't TYPING!!!lol.


  2. Well I finished my work early so I deserved to type a blog entry lol sorry it's been forever since I posted anything new I'll post something new now while I'm still at school but not to worry I'm not even in class right now I just despise pep assemblies so I skipped it and headed for the library with 2 of my friends