Friday, August 6, 2010

Its a link! - There u go pointless sites, a public freaking link to your site. Now where's my perpetual calendar?

Monday, June 1, 2009


Ok so last night I went to the Relient K concert. IT WAS ABSITIVELY POSILUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! They started off with Devastation and Reform and they were planning on ending with Be my Escape except we all wanted an encore so they came out and played Deathbed. I was only about 4 feet away from Matt Thiessen. When he sweeped his hair out of his eyes I could literally see a spray of sweat rain down on the stage. Of course there were about 100 people in front of me because we were all packed in like sardines. Almost the whole time I think my cheek was resting on some random guy's shoulder. It was either that or smother my face. It got kinda scary sometimes though. When people were jumping around, especially during Classic Crime, I sometimes thought I'd fall over because all the sudden everyone would start leaning one way. I almost lost a flip flop too and my toes are bruised because people kept stepping on me. It was really hot down there and it stank like BO but the music was absolutely AMAZING. It was all I expected and more. They played the afore mentioned songs plus Who to Burry: Us or the Hatchet, Sadie Hawkins Dance (I had been wearing a blue bracelet since Christmas and at a split second choice I decided to throw it up on stage during Sadie Hawkins), The Lining is Silver, I need you, High of 75, Who I am Hates Who I've Been, Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things like Chemistry, Mood Rings, and some other songs from their latest EP and even a couple new songs from their upcoming record which I will need for my ipod. They even played the subway 5 dollar foot long song which was hilarious. This definitely got space #1 in my top memories. I even got a concert T shirt. It's red and in greyish blue letters towards the top it says Relient K and then theres a big circle and in the circle it says RK only the R is backwards and right up next to the K. I'm wearing it right now. The only real downer about the night was Sabrina. She was being a spoiled, ungrateful brat. My mom bought her a T so she decided to get an Owl City one so my mom had them in her purse so we wouldn't have to carry them so she saw Classic Crime and she got Sabrina's shirt signed by them and Sabrina went on and on like a little baby about how her shirt was ruined because it was the wrong band. Who cares? It just looks like little squiggles andway so you can't even tell the difference. Its so stupid. She even cried about it and she was just being really ungrateful. And during the cocnert everytime they played another song she just whined the whole time because her favorite band was already over and she didn't want to see the other two. It was really annoying. Another bad thing was that I got less than 6 hours of sleep which really has me messed up. My moods are really swinging on a dime. First I'm zombie girl, staring at the wall blankly, then I'm in full fledged panic mode, then I'm all pissed off, then I'm laughing hysterically because there's a funny looking spot on the ceiling. I'm not kidding you. Nobody wanted to be around me today. Last night I think I was sleepwalking too. I think I got up and put a bunch of dirty clothes on my bed. Then I woke up at like 2 and I was laying in a pile of clothes. It was kinda dark and I was still half asleep and I thought the cat in the corner of my bed was a scarf or something so I started pushing her off too until she meowed at me. Poor Roxy. I interrupted her beauty sleep. Anyway the concert was amazing.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Estrofest was AMAZING!!! I hung out with all the girls and it was just super fun. Although we did have some car troubles before we left with 3/5 cars. Erika locked her keys in the trunk, Dary's car wouldn't start, and Heidi got a flat so all in all the cars were just out to get us. Nothing happened to the van I was in so our van and the other who had no problems stopped at an AMPM for icees. Yummy! While we were camping we were making a video kind of like kittens inspired by kittens only it was camping inspired by camping inspired by kittens inspired by kittens. We took all kinds of cool pictures. I was in one where we were near the wizards (the wizards of ooze- or the honey buckets) and we all looked disgusted. I was also in a pic that Heidi took of me sitting on a weird tree limb and another one where I had found a crook of a tree to sit in. The only bad thign about this palce is that our neighbors had a party and we really drunk. It didn't bother me because I was fast asleep but the other girls said there were people driving around and reving their engines and music blaring and a little girl crying. I went to bed somewhat early like right after smores because I didn't want to be tempted to make another because I knew if I ate more than 2 I'd feel miserable. We didn't have some boring moments near the lake so people were taking empty water bottles and screwing on the cap just a little then twisting the bottle up and popping the tops. This made great amusement and would keep us occupied for hours. I also met some random people around my age that weren't from our site. There was this hill and on top of the hill there were trees and vegetation and such and sometimes other kids would be up there so I'd introduce myself because otherwise they'd totally ignore me and pretend I wasn't there. The first tiem I met 2 girls. One was a 7th grader and the other was a sophmore from Lake Stevens High school. They were ok I guess. Then I met a guy named Zach. I believe he went to Standwood middle school. At first when I introduced myself he was just like "I'm Zach" then he ran away. He probably thought I was weird. Then I stared at him until he talked. I kinda like to induce akwardness. But eventually we talked and he was pretty nice. So anyway that was Estrofest. Afterwards, I came home and took a shower because I smelled like a campfire. Well it's almost time for me to get walking to school. More later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pep assemblies + spirit week = stupidity

Hellllllllllllllllllo!!!! Right now I'm skipping a pep assembly because I really don't like them and to tell the truth they're kinda of stupid. Today will be pretty fun. Actully this whole weekend will be. Right after this assembly I'm going to my Friend Catherine's who's actually right next to me on one of the other computers. After that my stepmom will pick me up and I'll hang out with her (since my Dad's up in Canada for work) without my sister (thank God) for the night. Then on Saturday morning we'll get up bright and early and eat breakfast and then I have to be at the church by 9AM because that's when we're leaving for estrofest. I packed my bag last night now all I need is my hairbrush and my book plus the stuff I have at my dad's and I'll be set. It's going to be awesomly fun. Well I have an interesting story for today. There's a guy in my math and english class that's been flirting with me since all the seats were switched up and I was placed behind him. It's kind of refreshing. So today I told him where I was going in third period English class so I was talking to him and they guy that's next to me about how awesome my trip's going to be and he said he'd miss me which I thought was very cute and then he said he'd be thinking of me, of course then he acted like he was just kidding because I guess he's still not comfortable enough to just say and it not retract it but I thought it was very cute. Then he said he loved me TWICE both in jest of course. Once he just blurted it out the second time I was talking about how I don't like running then he said "I don't like you. I love you!" It was very cute!!! Well now Catherine's making fun of me and poking me so I'll get off the subject (She's reading over my shoulder). In other news, I think I might enter one of my poems into the poetry contest at my school. Prizes include some gift cards or something and gift cards are always a good thing and if these poems are good enough for Teen Ink then the school poetry contest will be a good place to enter. I already know which poem I'm entering so no opinions please especially since the poem I'm using is a secret until it's in the contest. Then I'll post it here for those not fortunate enough to attend my high school. Well enough for now. I'll post more after Estrofest. Buh bye!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello readers. I keep forgetting how hard blogs are to keep up with. Especially when facebook occupies most of your computer time. Especially times two when you only get 30 minutes of computer time on the weekdays because your grades suck. Actually right now I'm in the class where my grade is the worst. Yeah science really isn't my thing. Right now we're supposed to be typing up our lab write ups but I already finished mine. It just had to be printed. There is soooooo much going on in the coming weeks! In fact this weekend I'm going with the girls in my youth group on a camping trip to Baker Lake for Estrofest. It's going to be awesome! I love camping but evidently some of the girls really aren't campers but they're going to hang out with the res tof us that are so I was thinking of buying some of those plastic bugs to stick in sleeping bags. Mwahahahaha! This shall be fun. Also, coming up in a week from today is the Everett Youth Symphony concert. I'm excited but also sad because this concert marks the end of symphony season. We won't be having anymore rehearsals until after the summer when I have to come back and audition again with everybody else. Maybe when I reaudition I'll get put in the Junior Symphony. That would be nice. There's also a school concert coming up on the 27th of May. We're playing with Discovery Elementary and Voyager middle so we have to play this really easy fiddle tune that I've had memorized since 7th grade. It was easy then too. What I really can't wait for is coming up on the 31st of this month. Relient K will be here!!!! I've had my tickets since the day they went on sale so 2 monthes or something. I talked to my friend Lisa from church about this and she said she might be going so it'll be amazing! And next month is Shasta where our youth group goes up to lake Shasta in northern Cali and stays on house boats and it's a huge competition. I'm so psyched!! Wow my Spanish teacher just walked into the lab. That was so random. Well besides that there isn't a whole lot going on. Oh but I did cut off my long locks. Now my hair is just a bit above the shoulders. It's awesome looking. Well this weekend it seems I'll be goign to Catherine's house so we can bring out the violins. If I do end up going to my dad's this weekend (I'm not sure because my dad will be in Canada this weekend) then I'll pack my overnight bag on Thursday with almost everything I need for Estrofest (some of the stuff is at my dad's) and then ride with Catherine to her house and eat dinner there. Sabrina can take my bag when my stepmom comes to pick her up and Catherine's dad will probably drop me off back at Dad's. I only wish that my cousin's family birthday party wasn't scheduled for the same day as Estrofest. See we get there Saturday (we leave at 9AM) and we don't get back till 4PM on Sunday but Dylan's party is at 1PM on Sunday but I already RSVPed to the invited on facebook so I can't be like "Oh by the way I'm not going" well I could but not gracefully. Well I probably need to wrap this superlong entry up that way the bell doesn't ring on me while I'm still typing. I'll try to be better at keeping up with this but no promises. I'll write for sure after Estrofest.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ok so lately I haven't been faithful about writing at least once a week so I'm sorry. But I'm wirting now. Not much has happened really. Let me see. Yesterday I went driving except I went driving with 3 other kids I don't know and we were in a parking lot, driving the skid monster. They had cones set up to drive around and the car would skid so you could correct it. It was fun! Especially at the end when the instructor let each of us to a donut in the middle of the parking lot. That was awesome! Other than that not a whole lot's been going on. I'm just avoiding Sabrina because I really don't want to catch whatever it is she has. Good thing she's upstairs sleeping and I'm downstairs on the computer. Oh today on facebook I talked to Andrew. He's one of my good friends from middle school. I remember one time my friend Caroline went over to Jordan (his twin) and Andrew's house and they tried to teach us to play this game called tripoly. Well it's like a casino game so instead of money we made bets with M&Ms. Except Caroline and I kept eating out M&Ms so Andrew threw an M&M at me. Before you knew it we were having an M&M fight. That was fun. I miss stuff like that. I told Andrew that the next time he palys that game using M&Ms isn't a good idea. He asked me if he should use skittles so now I'm craving skittles. Not nice Andrew!

Friday, April 17, 2009

There's not enough time in the day anymore

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new for more than a week. Really nothing interesting has happened. We had WASLs this week but I'm a freshman and the state is too poor to pay for test booklets for freshman. Well I finally used my powers of convincing to get ymself a facebook. So look me up! Mom was going to make me wait till I turned 16 to get a facebook but she caved 5 monthes early. I've only had it for about 3 days and yet I already have more than 35 friends. I am so glad it's Friday. Too bad Friday isn't going by fast enough. It's only second period! I'm supposed to be looking up stuff about the 1849 goldrush. I already finished so I decided that while I have time I'd at least blog about SOMETHING. Speaking of blogs it seems this one has a new reader. I'm not sure who because it won't show up but whoever you are mystery reader I greatly appreciate the patronage. Well the period will be over in about 7 minutes and I need to go find something else that will occupy my next 5-6 minutes or so. Something pointless no doubt. Stupid webwasher won't let me on facebook.