Friday, May 15, 2009

Pep assemblies + spirit week = stupidity

Hellllllllllllllllllo!!!! Right now I'm skipping a pep assembly because I really don't like them and to tell the truth they're kinda of stupid. Today will be pretty fun. Actully this whole weekend will be. Right after this assembly I'm going to my Friend Catherine's who's actually right next to me on one of the other computers. After that my stepmom will pick me up and I'll hang out with her (since my Dad's up in Canada for work) without my sister (thank God) for the night. Then on Saturday morning we'll get up bright and early and eat breakfast and then I have to be at the church by 9AM because that's when we're leaving for estrofest. I packed my bag last night now all I need is my hairbrush and my book plus the stuff I have at my dad's and I'll be set. It's going to be awesomly fun. Well I have an interesting story for today. There's a guy in my math and english class that's been flirting with me since all the seats were switched up and I was placed behind him. It's kind of refreshing. So today I told him where I was going in third period English class so I was talking to him and they guy that's next to me about how awesome my trip's going to be and he said he'd miss me which I thought was very cute and then he said he'd be thinking of me, of course then he acted like he was just kidding because I guess he's still not comfortable enough to just say and it not retract it but I thought it was very cute. Then he said he loved me TWICE both in jest of course. Once he just blurted it out the second time I was talking about how I don't like running then he said "I don't like you. I love you!" It was very cute!!! Well now Catherine's making fun of me and poking me so I'll get off the subject (She's reading over my shoulder). In other news, I think I might enter one of my poems into the poetry contest at my school. Prizes include some gift cards or something and gift cards are always a good thing and if these poems are good enough for Teen Ink then the school poetry contest will be a good place to enter. I already know which poem I'm entering so no opinions please especially since the poem I'm using is a secret until it's in the contest. Then I'll post it here for those not fortunate enough to attend my high school. Well enough for now. I'll post more after Estrofest. Buh bye!!!

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  1. Now I'm jealous. I need to enter some of mine in a contest.....